S4 EP23: Rebuilding the internal brand and casting wide nets – with Alisa Miller, Chief Human Resources Officer, IAT Insurance Group

“About 10 years ago, the company brought in a new CEO to bring the organization together and operate as one. He set the stage to have a leadership team working together to drive the business forward and rebuild our internal brand as one organization”, says Alisa.

IAT Insurance Group’s CHRO talks about her journey in to the insurance industry, joining IAT 8 years ago and transforming employee engagement in a once siloed business culture.

“The workforce wasn’t very engaged and our goal was to become one company and making sure employees understood the culture we were trying to create here, one of engagement.”

Alisa highlights the work she and the team have done around accountability, feedback, measuring performance and career paths.

“We weren’t measuring performance in a consistent way. To start a baseline of where we were, we put performance reviews in place. We also didn’t have a way to hear back from the employee base, so we started conducting small surveys annually. A seven question survey just to monitor the pulse of the organization.”

Alisa shares the value employee engagement data provides, highlighting the transformation to date and any areas that need addressing to raise the bar higher.  

“You can really drill down whether it’s a particular business unit, a particular region, a particular demographic of the workforce and where there might be problems, We’ve been very diligent about taking the information and sharing it with the organization that’s key with employees. Every year we develop action items on what we need to do to help employees have a better, more effective work experience.”

Alisa emphasizes what senior candidates need to demonstrate when coming for interview and shares the value of multiple people panels to assess candidates from different perspectives.

“We focus on a particular area of information that we want to glean from the candidate and take it in turns to build off of each other or work with each other to dig further and get as much information we can in the most effective way.

She describes how IAT are benefiting from engaging with most diverse candidate pools to ensure they attract the very best talent.

“When we want to hire, we want to ensure we’ve got very diverse candidate pools and then the process plays out to the most qualified candidate. You’ve got to cast wide nets.”

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