Powering best in class customer experience – with Andrew Wynn, Co-Founder, Ascend

“Digitising the most common experience with a customer, felt like a pretty important thing to enable”, says Andrew.

Purpose-built for insurance, the all-in-one payments platform is on a mission to improve customer experience, loyalty and retention as well as reduce operational workload for agencies, brokers and carriers.

“Insurance in the US is one of the biggest industries that relies on paper cheques. They’re outdated, a bad customer experience, unsecure and very expensive to handle.”

Ascend is white-labelled to power the checkout for whoever is collecting the payment from the insured – the retailer, the wholesalers or the carrier – whilst also offering point of sale financing for eligible policies.

Andrew talks about the importance of customer empathy, whether you’re an engineer or in sales and the long-term opportunities for those joining the team to truly modernise, not replace to the insurance industry.

For those considering a move to a high-growth insurtech, Andrew says, “Companies are very well funded now. It’s not a massive career risk but people should have a rightful degree of scepticism.” 

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