S4 EP16: Global growth, family feel & cultural consistency – with Andy Parsons, HR Director – Retail (UK&I), Gallagher

“Everybody’s incredibly focused and just talking about it shows a level of commitment to it. It’s about being really selective with the organisations that you work with, look to acquire and vice versa”, says Andy.

He describes Gallagher’s global growth, the 25 tenets of the Gallagher Way, maintaining cultural consistency as the business has scaled from it US roots to 45,000 colleagues globally and the world’s 3rd largest insurance broker.

Andy shares Gallagher’s selective approach to acquisitions and how new people are integrated and embedded in to the business.

“We put a lot of time in communicating, engaging. You realise in any acquisition that probably only four or five people have actually chosen to join Gallagher, all of their colleagues didn’t even know they were going to.”

As well as the importance attributed to the family feel, Andy maintains the importance of high performance and the reliance on regional and local leaders to drive standards.

“We are an organisation that values performance and demands performance. It’s a good blend between setting expectations, equipping people to deliver against them and holding them accountable.”

“Whether it’s Gallagher as a global organisation or just as a UK business, another big area of investment and continued focus is around continually equipping our branch leaders, our regional leaders with the skills and tools to enable them to create that engagement.

Andy share his journey from the NHS in to financial services and insurance to joining Gallagher in 2015 and his current role as HR Director – Retail for the UK & Ireland.

He highlights his advice for interviewees and interviewers as he recalls memorable interviews from his career, as well as his recommendations to HR leaders in attracting the very best talent.

“Making assumptions around individuals’ backgrounds, career histories or organisations worked for, is not a good thing. Do not get hung up on legacy knowledge.”

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