A preview of INSURETECH CONNECT 2021 with Caribou Honig, Chairman & Co-founder, ITC

“Walk through the expo hall, it’ll give you a sense of the mega trends and the micro trends, of what’s out there and what people are trying to do”, says Caribou.

The charismatic VC couldn’t find an industry conference in 2015 that met his needs as an investor. Insuretech Connect was born in 2016, with the first event attracting some 1500 delegates.

This year’s event, running in Las Vegas from 4-6 October, will attract 5000 attendees and 250+ speakers. 3 days of understanding what’s possible and what’s being pursued. 

Caribou explains the three kinds of value people can expect from a visit.

“There’s the education and learning, from all the great content on stage. Then there’s networking with the people you know you want to meet. My favourite is the serendipity, meeting people you didn’t know you wanted to meet.”      

Find out more about in-person or online ticket options at www.insuretechconnect.com or connect with Caribou on LinkedIn

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