Relevant Recommendations & Spreading Stateside – with Damien Philippon, Co-Founder & COO, Zelros

“We’re looking at skillset rather than location. Skillset and culture matters much more”, says Damien as he shares how Zelros is maintaining its culture and values alongside ambitious growth plans.

With offices in Paris, Montreal and New York, Damien – who is spearheading the company’s move in to the North American market – describes his journey from engineer to entrepreneur and the rationale behind co-founding Zelros with his two business partners.  

“We are a recommendation engine specialised for the insurance industry, leveraging data and AI”, says Damien as he details how Zelros is preparing for their Series B next year, following their initial $16m fundraise.  Responding to new and emerging risks, Zelros provides benefits for policyholders as well as brokers and carriers.

“For policyholders, we provide comprehensive and personalised advice on how they’re covered. For brokers and carriers, we drive more growth and increase loyalty,” maintains Damien, describing how the business is making relevant recommendations to 250 million policyholders across Europe (60% P&C, 30% Life and 10% Health).

Damien shares the challenges to going international, operating across different markets and timezones as well as how the business is aiming to grow by 30-50 people upon closing its Series B. He talks about how the culture – ambition, humbleness and trust – has been defined over time and the challenge of maintaining those values as they grow their presence in Montreal.

Highlighting the value insurance product knowledge and understanding new markets brings to the team, Damien explains how Zelros is looking for people who love insurance and technology.  

“Your mindset should be rollercoaster proof. You’re never prepared enough for the ups and downs”, concludes Damien as he shares his advice for fellow founders and emphasises how experienced strategic advisors and marketing positioning & messaging will fuel success and educate the market.

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