Go after your passion, not the job title – with Jeff Lumpp, President of Hylant, Grand Rapids Office

Season Two – Episode Six

This week we are very happy to welcome Jeff Lumpp to the Insurance Coffee House. Jeff is the President of the Grand Rapids, Michigan office at Hylant and we are delighted to have him join us on the show.

Jeff shares with us his journey from a background in Corporate Finance to his leadership position in the insurance industry. He advises on the importance of quickly building credibility with your peers and colleagues when entering into a new profession, so you create mutual trust when leading a team.

Hylant live and breathe a family culture within their teams and Jeff advises that fitting into that culture and being a well rounded business person, as opposed to a pure insurance technician, gives them great success with their clients and provides opportunities to create great initiatives in the local community.

Jeff believes that a best in class service team leads to incredible things happening, so it is important for producers and execs to ask about the retention levels of the service team when interviewing for a new role, as that will be a major factor in your success. 

Jeff is happy for listeners to reach out to him after the show with any comments or questions you may have about Hylant or the subjects raised in the interview. You can do this via his email at jeff.lumpp@hylant.com .

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