On a mission for healthy people – with Guy Benjamin, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Healthee

“70% of employees in the US say they have no clue what they’re covered for”, says Guy. 

The Israel-born entrepreneur shares his journey from 12 years in the Israeli Air Force to co-founding New York-based Healthee and how the business is helping customers and users understand their health benefits.

“Healthy employees are a strategic asset for a company. If employees are healthy, the company will be healthier, society will be healthier”, as Guy explains how Healthee’s platform, Zoe, can take any 600 page healthcare plan, convert it from unstructured to structured data and provide employees with health recommendations specifically for what they need.

“It takes a lot of the aggravation and anxiety out of the process of using our healthcare. Zoe learns about the user to find preventative care benefits”. 

Guy shares how the business raised $22m seed funding and has grown from a team of 5 to 40 in 6 months, with the aim of doubling or trebling in size within the next 12 months.    

“We’re super-fast paced, we’re in the trenches. We need people that are excited about the vision.”

Guy talks about the benefits Zoe offers employees, employers and insurance carriers, how the pandemic has impacted the scaling of the business, the value of insurance knowledge and flexibility within the growing team.

“I want the marketing person to tap the sales person on the shoulder and ask the question, but I don’t need that every day”, says Guy.

For those looking to launch in to the insurtech space, Guy emphasises the importance of having investors and partners that really understand the vision.

“I speak to our funders once a week, even once a day because I value their opinion.”

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