Filling the information gap & getting out of the car – with Harald Trautsch, Co-Founder & CEO, Dolphin Technologies

“We looked at our telematics data and found that a car is moved for about 4 to 5% of its lifetime, so there is life outside the car. We can enhance telematics services outside the car”, says Harald.

With a background in electronic engineering, Harald shares his journey in to telematics and co-founding Austria-based Dolphin Technologies in 2001, highlighting his passion for preventing accidents and saving lives.

“We try to make people avoid wrong decisions and we want to fill the gap of missing information”, as Harald explains Dolphin’s product offering following a study of 40,000 drivers over a 2-year period.

Harald emphasises the benefits on offer to both policyholders and insurance companies. “Bringing risks down means bringing accidents down, bringing losses down, bringing bodily injury down.”

Dolphin is also helping carriers improve CX and up-sell. “Touch points are not very positive and not very frequent, so we help insurance companies and their customers to stay in touch and have a meaningful relationship.”

Harald gives an overview of growth plans and challenges moving forward, the culture & values the team are seeking to maintain as the business scales and Dolphin’s desire to be a ‘holistic risk partner.’ 

He concludes by advising fellow founders to, “Look for a real problem that adds value to humans and to the environment. If you become scalable, then it becomes doable.”

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