Being resourceful and ‘going fast’ in the perfect storm – with Jacqueline Legrand, CEO & Co-Founder, Maptycs

“You want to sell a tech solution on the business use case and not on technical capabilities. We are here to help people perform better”, says Jacqueline.

She talks through her journey from starting her career with IBM to falling in to the insurance industry and holding senior leadership Brokerage positions across four continents, before co-founding New York-based insurtech Maptycs in 2016 as response to client need.  

“I knew they needed some type of geo-spatial visualisation combined with analytics to have really a good view of their exposure”, says Jacqueline as she explains how Maptycs is providing a solution for property risk exposure assessment, climate risk analysis and real time weather event monitoring.

Discussing how Maptycs is working alongside brokers and carriers, Jacqueline highlights the benefits on offer to each before going on to share her thoughts on the insurance sector over the next 5 years.  Highlighting the continued investment in technology across the sector, Jacqueline maintains that successful businesses, “will have to invest in people because they will always have very complex processes to manage.”

Jacqueline talks about the value of high-performing insurance talent and shares Maptycs’ desire to hire those with an insurance background.

“It’s critical, because the insurance industry is a world in itself. We are not here to replace the old with the new. To speak the lingo and understand the dynamic, the fast changing landscape and the business challenges.”

She emphasises the personalities most suited to a business like Maptycs, stresses the importance of having time to think and be creative and underlines what she feels is missing when recruiting from the insurance sector.  

In conclusion, Jacqueline encourages those looking for a career shift towards insurtech to read a lot and understand the stare of tech and says that being part of a fast-paced start-up is a matter of attitude and speed. “What you do has a direct impact on your company’s outcome.”  

Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIn, email jacqueline.legrand@maptycs.com or find out more about Maptycs.

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