Tech, Talent and Telling the Insurance Story – with Kenneth Saldanha, Global Insurance Industry Lead, Accenture and Paul Mang, Chief Innovation Officer, Guidewire

“You can’t find an industry as a whole that does more to secure people’s lives and livelihoods than the insurance sector”, says Kenneth Saldanha.

Lifelong consultant Kenneth, who has spent over 20 years consulting in the insurance sector, stepped in to the global leadership role of Accenture’s Insurance business in 2020 is joined on the podcast by Guidewire’s Chief Innovation Officer, Paul Mang.

Kenneth and Paul speak about their journeys to the c-suite and the functions of their respective organisations. They discuss behavioural data, new and emerging risks, as well as usage and behaviour-based offerings.

“Insurance increasingly becomes about risk mitigation, not about risk indemnification”, says Kenneth. “It’s not about being there when something goes wrong, it’s about preventing something going wrong.”

Paul gives his thoughts on the insurtech space and the need to build something great that stays great. He highlights the importance of culture and management, saying “Everything can’t rely on the passion of one person.”

Discussing talent attraction in to the industry, Kenneth believes, “there’s a brand and storytelling problem”, when it comes to selling the array of opportunities on offer across the sector.

Paul highlights the skills Guidewire seek when recruiting talent, stressing the importance of domain expertise together with comfort with ambiguity and the changing dynamics of the industry.

Kenneth and Paul discuss what makes the insurance sector such an incredible career option. Whether it’s sales, underwriting, claims, technology, “there’s so many roads to the top of the hill”, says Kenneth. “Find your passion.”   

Paul concludes by encouraging us to, “Be the manager or leader, you want yourself”.

Connect with Kenneth Saldanha or Paul Mang on LinkedIn, email kenneth.i.saldanha@accenture.com or pmang@guidewire.com or find out more about Accenture or Guidewire

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