S4 EP6: Highlighting breadth of opportunity through internships – with Kristin Cubberly, Chief People Officer, Transverse Insurance Group

“To change it for the long run you have to really invest in people much, much earlier,” says Kristin.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re [studying to be] an accountant, you have to go to one of the big four. You can go to an insurance company.”

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Kristin shares her HR career journey from NYC-based hedge fund to private equity before joining Transverse Insurance Group in 2022.

A common theme running throughout her career has been a passion for engaging with and attracting younger people from a diversity of lifestyles and backgrounds.

Kristin highlights how Transverse have built as effective internship program to attract younger people to insurance, allowing them to see the breadth of opportunity in the industry.

“You have to be a presence out and about. You have to be making them aware of what you do and how they could benefit from an internship. It gives them baseline experience”

She emphasizes how a diversity of interviewers equates to a wider variety of candidates.

“If a candidate sees somebody that looks like them, they’re more much more likely to continue that process.”

Kristin discusses passion, the need for flexibility and being part of a smaller, more nimble organization.

“There’s times I get pulled into things that are not necessarily HR-related. It helps me understand the business and helps the firm grow.”

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