Embedding ambition and connected problem-solving – with Matheus Riolfi , Co-Founder & CEO, Tint

“Find a problem that you have connection with, in your past career and you’re passionate about, because entrepreneurship is hard”, says Matheus.

The Brazilian entrepreneur charts his journey from joining peer-to-peer car-sharing business Turo to starting up Tint.

Having raised $30m VC-funding, the California-based insurtech provides insurance infrastructure, helping tech companies protect their users from the inherent risks of using their platforms whilst creating additional revenue streams.

Matheus outlines the benefits on offer to carriers and discusses the rising demand for embedded insurance.

“Platforms are really looking for ways to increase the value of what they offer and to increase their margins. Embedded insurance is typically a board level conversation today.”

Matheus describes Tint’s ambitions to treble its headcount in the coming 12 months and the core values they are seeking to build in a remote-first environment.

He shares his tips for candidates looking to join a high-growth business and advises those looking to found a business to be ambitious.

“If you’re ambitious, you can develop an exciting vision that helps attract people. If you’re not, it’s much harder to tell the story of why your company would really make an impact.”

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