Realise where your asset is – with Paul Gaglioti, CEO and Founder, Harbor.ai

“We have standardised in a very novel way the underwriting process”, says Paul.

Harbor.ai uses AI automation tools to help insurers get products to market and works to support the broker channel, helping them to sell more efficiently.

With some of the most talented people in the world working in insurance, Paul maintains that the sector needs to do a better job of patting itself on the back.

“We’re finally engaging younger people. Tech has made it cool.”

With a 60/40 split of insurance vs non-insurance backgrounds across the team, Paul outlines the value high performing insurance talent can bring to their business as well as the personalities that fit in.

“We have two criteria. Are you qualified and crazy enough to join? It’s about who you are as a person. As long as you meet the criteria, the sky’s the limit.”

Paul encourages those preparing to change tack to understand that they’d be joining a technology company operating in the insurance space.

“Those with insurance knowledge have an advantage. Realise where your asset is.”

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