Embedded insurance for the disruptive economy – with Quentin Colmant, CEO & Co-Founder, Qover

“Insurance is about caring and protecting. We really think about insurance inclusion”, says Quentin, as the former Allianz executive talks through his entrepreneurial journey to co-founding Qover in 2016. 

The Brussels-based company is all about insurance for disruptive businesses. Having raised $42m and grown to a team of 150, Qover has a key focus on verticals including new mobility, gig economy, fintech, proptech and neobanks.

Working alongside businesses that want to upsell or cross-sell insurance to protect the goods they are selling or use insurance as part of their strategy for customer acquisition or retention, Qover provides a single API integration that offers simplicity and efficiency to partners.

Embedded insurance provides benefits to end users too. 

“Insurance is extremely complex and sophisticated. By embedding insurance, you remove the obligation of the user to understand.”

Quentin shares his thoughts on the future of the market and discusses parametric insurance and new distribution models as well as the value those with insurance knowledge can bring to the business.

“We need people who are ready to do things. As a leader we tell them where we want to go, but how we go there and what to do to get there, we leave it to our people.”

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