Coffee House Catch Up: ‘Maintaining a beginner’s mind’ – with Sean Harper, Co-founder & CEO, Kin Insurance

“We really take it seriously that the person with the most information is making the decision, so we don’t have a whole lot of ‘Oh let me go ask my boss’”, says Sean.

The self-confessed nerd and entrepreneur shares how his background as a management consultant exposed him to a lot of business problems and gain the confidence in solving them.

Sean talks through his journey of co-founding Kin, a fully-licensed home insurance technology company that provides affordable coverage to homeowners in catastrophe-prone regions.

Headquartered in Chicago, he shares the core values that Kin offers its growing team and emphasises that the hard things are where the value is created. “We give people an opportunity to practise their craft”

Sean encourages us to maintain a ‘beginner’s mind’. “Take nothing for granted, think about every problem from a blank sheet of paper.”

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This episode of the Insurance Coffee House Podcast was first published on 5 October 2021

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