Relationships, risk and playing the long game – with Shannel Clubb, Insurance National Industry Leader, and David Mamane, Insurance Consulting Partner, RSM US LLP

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable in the insurance industry. The pace of change has accelerated to a degree that we’ve never experienced. Consumer expectations are changing at pace that we can’t comprehend ”, says David.

On the podcast, Shannel Clubb and David Mamane discuss their career trajectories, moving in to leadership roles and their biggest achievements.

“I didn’t have a five year plan”, says Shannel. “I just focused on the client, made sure we had excellent client delivery and built great relationships with the senior executives on those accounts.”

“The one thing that’s been key is taking a lot of risks”, adds David.

Shannel and David outline the insurance consultancy services offered by RSM, the world’s 5th largest accountancy firm and discuss what insurance businesses need to do to attract and retain the very best talent.

They share their thoughts on industry disruption, embracing digital and the challenges ahead for insurance leaders, emphasising how those transitioning in to the insurtech space need to play the long game.   

In conclusion, David highlights the critical importance of modularity, proving the use case and offering a plug and play solution when looking to scale a start-up insurance business.  

Shannel encourages us to, “Do something different and don’t be afraid to fail”

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The Insurance Coffee House Podcast is hosted by Nick Hoadley, CEO, Insurance Search, the Executive Search Consultancy for growing Insurance and Insurtech businesses across the globe.

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