Missional clarity, pruning the tree and being true to our roots – with Steve Lekas, Co-Founder & CEO, Branch Insurance

“I think the first step was real conviction in my mind”, says Steve as he describes his journey to co-founding Branch, the Columbus, Ohio-based auto and home insurance insurtech.

Steve shares how important it was to find a credible tech co-founder, how the structure of the business is obligated to social good as well as shareholder value and how they use tech to benefit their community of clients.  

He highlights the growth the business has achieved since its launch in 2018 and the challenges of scaling a start-up and adding 240 ‘Branchers’ in the last 6 months alone.

Describing the cultural values – or roots as they call them – Steve emphasises the importance of having a clear mission and pruning the tree as well as the value those with insurance industry experience bring.

“We like everybody to be challenging the status quo and each other in a positive way, with positive intent.”   

Steve offers advice to anyone looking to scale an insurance business, and says, “If you’ve got a clear problem to solve which becomes your mission, you’ve got the right team and you’ve got the right capital, I think you’ll be off to a great start.”

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