Success through Succession – With Jason & Duane Smith – CEO and Former CEO of TrueNorth Companies, L.C.

Season Two – Episode Six

In an Insurance Coffee House first, we welcome father and son Insurance Business Leaders, Duane and Jason Smith to the show. Duane is the former CEO of TrueNorth Companies, L.C. a position he held for over twenty years until he was succeeded by Jason in January 2020.

In this episode we take a deep dive into the succession process and hear how TrueNorth planned and executed the succession transition and hear how it worked from both the incumbent’s and successors perspectives.

Listeners can hear how the success they have enjoyed with this process can be linked back to their vision statement of building a legacy company with continued internal perpetuity.

It is clear that TrueNorth are committed to building a legacy business, with continued internal perpetuation giving high performing talent an incredible long-term opportunity to be highly rewarded both professionally and financially.

They give us an amazing insight into how the transition of leadership can be successful when you have a clear strategy, effective communication and defined company goals that apply throughout the business.

Jason encourages listeners to reach out to him after the show with enquiries about their succession story or opportunities they have at the business. You can do this via his LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-d-smith-955a5811/ or email at jsmith@truenorthcompanies.com .

The Insurance Coffee House is hosted by Nick Hoadley, CEO of Insurance Search, the executive search consultancy for the Insurance and Insurtech sectors in the United States and UK.

If you would like to contact Nick about the podcast or to discuss growing your leadership team, please reach out to him via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-hoadley-78a498143/ , contact Insurance Search via www.insurance-search.com or email info@insurance-search.com