Moving with haste & playing outside your lane – with Tony Chimera, Chief Talent Officer, Westfield Specialty

“There is definitely a supply and demand issue with talent. Even if you’re all that and everything more, you don’t have 20 people to choose from”, says Tony.

“When we find someone, the message is, we need to move. It’s not sacrificing quality for haste but always having haste.”

Tony shares his journey from tech and publishing in to his first insurance role with MetLife before eventually joining Westfield Speciality as employee number 2.

He describes his involvement in shaping the culture, mission and values as well as being part of Westfield’s 175 year history

Highlighting his approach to HR, Tony says, ““HR is marketing. You’re marketing the company, the opportunity, the leadership, the vision. You have to understand everything that leads to that.”

Tony discusses growing the US business, the recent acquisition of Lloyd’s Syndicate 1200 and the initiatives Westfield have in place for career development and retaining A-player talent.  

He shares his advice for senior leaders at interview, emphasising how “curiosity wins the day.”

Tony talks about the tools Westfield use for talent acquisition and reveals the one lesson his job has taught him that he wants everyone else to know.

He stresses the importance of networking and getting to know what talent is out there.

“Be visible. Be comfortable playing outside your lane.”

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