How to make sure your hiring process isn’t costing you top insurance talent

In a fast-paced world, there’s pressure to attract good leaders quickly – so your hiring process will need to be in top condition.

Finding the very best leaders in an ever-evolving insurance business landscape is competitive.


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To attract and secure the best insurance talent, you’ll need to make sure your hiring process exceeds expectations. If it’s not, you’ll end up losing out on top candidates.

The question is, how can you make sure your hiring process is attractive to the best insurance talent in the market? Does your hiring process meet people in the moment, when they’re looking for their next career opportunity?

You have to provide a clear overview of your company culture and EVP?

The world of work has changed, especially post-pandemic. Many insurance leaders have re-evaluated their career priorities and who they want to work for.

As part of your hiring process, you have to make it easy for candidates to find out about the culture within your business.

Top insurance talent don’t want to spend hours scrolling and scrolling through pages of your website to find relevant information about the day-to-day culture, development opportunities and all the other benefits of working for you.

You need to present and sell your EVP in a clear and concise way that is easy for candidates to find.

To hire the best insurance talent, people want to know they will be happy working for you.

If you don’t share information about your company culture in a compelling way, as part of your hiring process, you run the risk of missing out on the best insurance talent.

Be generous and provide value at the outset

A significant number of people will be retiring from the insurance industry in the next few years.

Insurance businesses are all competing for talent to fill the gaps left by experienced insurance executives.

As part of your hiring process, consider what value you can provide to prospective talent at the start.

Insurance leaders will want to know how they will develop in their career at your organization.

Highlight leadership and career development opportunities.  Paint a picture of the perks on offer including flexible working arrangements.

Showcase how successful candidates maintain a healthy work-life balance. flexible working arrangements and how your insurance business impacts and invests in the community

Giving value upfront in your hiring process, will increase the chances of attracting, retaining and keeping the best insurance talent committed to your organization for the long term.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

A key part of having a first-rate hiring process is to make sure your communication channels are working and working effectively.

Top level insurance executives expect top level correspondence.

With all the digital tools available today, there’s no excuse for poor communication.

If you’re hoping to attract the very best, you’ll need to communicate quickly, efficiently and professionally.

An effective hiring process will need systems in place to track all communications.

People want to know where they stand as soon as possible. Make it personal too.

Keeping your website and social channels updated is essential. It’s often the first place candidates look for updates.

Seeing a job role advertised and clicking on the link, only to find the position is filled or getting a ‘page not found’ message is incredibly frustrating for candidates.

Make sure all job profile or job descriptions are up-to-date and tailored for the role.

These are simple elements of the hiring process, but will help you attract the best insurance talent.

Is your decision-making process swift enough?

In a fast-moving, evolving world, you have to ensure your time-do-decision is fast.

The best insurance talent will expect a decision quickly after each stage of the process.  They won’t wait around for weeks. They will likely be interviewing at other insurance businesses – your competitors.

If they don’t get an answer from you, they will move on to an insurance business whose hiring process, communication and decision-making is quicker.

Professionals lose interest if they don’t hear back quickly after an initial interview. Many cite that it could be reflective of the overall business culture.

But your hiring process also needs to be solid. You can’t cut corners.

In conclusion, if you want to ensure your hiring process isn’t costing you the best insurance talent:

  • Give clear insight in to your culture and EVP
  • Be generous and provide value
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Make quick decisions

If you’re working with an external search partner, they will be able to review, discuss and manage elements of the hiring process for you.

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