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With over 130 episodes spread over our first 3 series, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is downloaded by thousands of insurance industry business leaders, C-suite executives and emerging talent from the UK, US and across the globe.

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Launched in 2020, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is an insightful conversational interview with those in strategic leadership positions within the Insurance and InsurTech sectors.

The weekly show offers guests the opportunity to tell their insurance story, showcase their employer brand and highlight the career opportunities within their business to thousands of insurance professionals.

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“The big take is the time advantage over any other risk model. You understand risk up front rather than wait to see how it turns out”, says Sten. The triple espresso-loving Swedish entrepreneur has used his background in the automotive technology space to found Greater Than. The AI-based data analytics business is helping automotive OEMs,...
“We give underwriters an extra understanding of how they should view, assess and price risk”, says Nick. With a background within the technical side of the insurance industry, Nick shares how Reask is solving some of the challenges surrounding the building and development of catastrophic risk models. Taking global climate data and extracting insights and views...
“We don’t like to think of it as head to head competition”, says Ron. Having taught his computer at university to summarise his 1000 page course textbooks, the Toronto-based founder of Chisel AI, shares his vision for how machine learning can work with humans. The goal is to make processes faster and better, reducing what...
The insurance industry frequently talks about policy holders, policy numbers or risks.  “That’s no way to talk about a customer. A customer has needs and demands, they need to be treated as a customer”, says Jonathan. Built on his 30 years of experience within the insurance space, Jonathan shares the journey of founding HUGHUB, a...
“Fight with your heart and soul for the product you believe in”, says Brett as he emphasises the emotional ride of being part of a start-up. The Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Accountant shares his passion and transition in to the world of tech and the journey of co-founding Cape Town-based Hepstar, a global B2B...

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