Integrating Work Ethic and Community both Locally and Internationally – With Cheryll Rawbone, Chair at Gallagher Coventry

Joining us on the second of our two-part series with Gallagher this week, we have Cheryll Rawbone, the former MD and now Chairman of Gallagher Coventry.

Cheryll also discusses the acquisition of her business into the Gallagher group and we find out how she has transitioned into a larger organisation.

Cheryll has extensive experience working with local businesses who have international risk portfolios and she shares with Nick how she has combined that international expertise with local networking and marketing to grow her client base and ultimately her business.

With opportunities to train and work internationally, Cheryll believes that Gallagher is a great place for local insurance professionals to develop their skills and handle global risk portfolios in this ever changing and fast paced climate.

In this interview, Cheryll goes on to share how businesses need to adapt to be successful and how they can use technology to increase their client reach.

You can reach out to Cheryll about any of the issues discussed on the show via her LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/cheryllrawbone/ .

This episode is hosted by Nick Hoadley, CEO of Insurance Search https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-hoadley-78a498143/ the international executive search consultancy for the Insurance and Insurtech sectors.

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