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A Global Insurance Business Leaders Podcast
Each week we interview a leading insurance executive from around the world, on how they have achieved a successful career and what insights they have for you to enhance your own skills and career development.
Latest episodes in this season
“You’ve got to be able to sell or you’ve got to be able to build”, says Chris. The former Insurance Litigator talks about his journey from law through tech solutions for document management into the world of insurtech. Bold Penguin,…
“The more data we capture, the more expertise we glean, the more it enhances our products and drives value for our clients”, says Bill. Launched in 2018, ForMotiv operates in the behavioural intelligence space, collecting users’ digital behaviour to help…
“Search out those things that you may or may not want to do. Take advantage of the learning,” says Erik. The seasoned entrepreneur shares his career journey through some of the biggest brands in the industry to the entrepreneurial bent…
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