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With over 130 episodes spread over our first 3 series, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is downloaded by thousands of insurance industry business leaders, C-suite executives and emerging talent from the UK, US and across the globe.

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Launched in 2020, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is an insightful conversational interview with those in strategic leadership positions within the Insurance and InsurTech sectors.

The weekly show offers guests the opportunity to tell their insurance story, showcase their employer brand and highlight the career opportunities within their business to thousands of insurance professionals.

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“Anyone stepping into a predominantly 100% remote opportunity, assuming it’s not their first time, they know what they’re getting into and what to expect from the day-to-day.”, says Blair. “In terms of building a culture, the onus is really on the company, but also us as individuals to engage with co-workers. You have to be...
“Patience is such a virtue when working in a high growth organization like this. The number of partner agencies that we’ve brought together are all in different phases of talent maturity. You just have to be patient and figure out where they are on the continuum and bring them along. I’m building and doing and...
“Having events like the town hall is incredibly important. For everyone to get together and be able to celebrate what we’re building”, says Eric. “It gives us a forum to talk about what’s going on, what the strategy is. It’s a time for anyone to ask questions so they can get a better understanding of...
“We’re able to move mountains with far fewer people because of the fact that everybody in their role is exceptional and they’re that 90th percentile. It’s really hard to maintain that talent density, especially as we’ve started to scale. But we absolutely refuse to just put bodies in seats because we need them”, says Datha....
“We’ve had 115 acquisitions. That’s 115 individual small businesses who’ve become part of Inszone. How do you connect that? How do you make people feel like they’re part of one company? says Matt. “We put this quarterly meeting in place where we have the whole C suite on and focus on three things, ‘Where are...

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