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With over 130 episodes spread over our first 3 series, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is downloaded by thousands of insurance industry business leaders, C-suite executives and emerging talent from the UK, US and across the globe.

And we have now launched Series 4: People & Culture.

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Launched in 2020, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is an insightful conversational interview with those in strategic leadership positions within the Insurance and InsurTech sectors.

The weekly show offers guests the opportunity to tell their insurance story, showcase their employer brand and highlight the career opportunities within their business to thousands of insurance professionals.

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“People do not apply for agency owner opportunities. The way that you find candidates is definitely by hunting. Referrals is our number one source”, says Regan. “Going to current agency owners and asking for referrals is critical. We have sales leaders that are in the community. Being in the community is critical.”  Regan charts his...
“About 10 years ago, the company brought in a new CEO to bring the organization together and operate as one. He set the stage to have a leadership team working together to drive the business forward and rebuild our internal brand as one organization”, says Alisa. IAT Insurance Group’s CHRO talks about her journey in...
“We’ve spent some time over the years trying to put words to it”, says Amanda as she describes the keys to the unique culture at Holmes Murphy. We really try to take a well rounded approach in recognizing that we’re people first and then how do we provide opportunities in a growing organisation for people...
“We have incredible people across the organization at all levels and it matters that the leadership really cultivates the kind of space where people can say, ‘I didn’t actually like the way you spoke to me. I want to work through this’. This is going to happen, it’s an insure-tech, the two are different, trying...
“We are in professional services. We’re going to treat people like adults and with that is individual responsibility with freedom”, says Janine “It’s giving them the ability to do what they do best without all the other stuff that gets in the way. It’s refreshing, it attracts people.” Janine charts her career journey from HR...

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