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Launched in 2020, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is an insightful conversational interview with those in strategic leadership positions within the Insurance and InsurTech sectors.
The weekly show offers guests the opportunity to tell their insurance story, showcase their employer brand and highlight the career opportunities within their business to thousands of insurance professionals.

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With over 80 episodes spread over 3 series, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is downloaded by thousands of insurance industry business leaders, C-suite executives and emerging talent from the UK, US and across the globe.

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“Culture is mission critical in this space. We are a people business, we’re professional services”, says Derek. “Our messaging really is people first.” Derek shares his career route from the non-profit sector to the insurance industry.  Following roles with Chubb and Aon, he joined Epic in 2013 as Chief Strategy Officer and says, “I really...
“Every industry has its own myopia and we think, you couldn’t possibly bring something from media or manufacturing into insurance”, says Bob as he shares his transition from media in to insurance. “As a technologist, running a whole career in insurance is extremely valuable but so is someone who brings insights from other industries that...
“We have this mantra inside our company, which is ‘We’re 1% there’”, says Shawn Ram.  “And because our vision continues to expand, we never get 2% there. It breeds a different level of commitment, diligence and vigour.” Coalition’s Head of Insurance shares his journey to joining the founding team of the San Francisco-based cyber insurtech...
“You can’t de-risk every decision that you make beforehand. We’re always making decisions saying, ‘We know 20% of the information, but it gets us 80% of the way there, so let’s go that route’” says Bill. Launched in 2018, ForMotiv operates in the behavioural intelligence space, collecting users’ digital behaviour to help insurance carriers drive...
“It was no longer my idea, it was our idea and we had a skill set that was complimentary and we could make this happen”, says Steve as he shares the importance of finding a credible tech co-founder. The CEO of the Ohio-based auto and home insurance insurtech describes how the structure of the business...

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