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Launched in 2020, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is an insightful conversational interview with those in strategic leadership positions within the Insurance and InsurTech sectors.
The weekly show offers guests the opportunity to tell their insurance story, showcase their employer brand and highlight the career opportunities within their business to thousands of insurance professionals.

Over 11,000 unique listeners

With over 80 episodes spread over 3 series, the Insurance Coffee House Podcast is downloaded by thousands of insurance industry business leaders, C-suite executives and emerging talent from the UK, US and across the globe.

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“We really take it seriously that the person with the most information is making the decision, so we don’t have a whole lot of that ‘Oh let me go ask my boss’”, says Sean. The self-confessed nerd and entrepreneur shares how his background as a management consultant exposed him to a lot of business problems...
“With pooled pricing, only 20% of the pool wins. 80% of the sample pays for the 20%”, says Sten. “Pooled pricing drives poor behaviour. The industry has to become more individualised.” The triple espresso-loving Swedish entrepreneur has used his background in the automotive technology space to found Greater Than. The AI-based data analytics business is...
“Opportunities won’t always land right in front of you”, says Mark. “You’ve got to be willing to put yourself in an uncomfortable position, by doing things which maybe you wouldn’t have thought would be the natural next move.” A leading insurance executive in both P&C and Life, Mark shares his leadership journey and the importance...
“Everything we do is about working from the customer backwards”, says Dax. The serial entrepreneur talks through his journey of co-founding Pie Insurance, and how the company uses technology and data analytics to fuel the rapid growth Pie has achieved over the past 4 years. With a 300 strong team (pie-oneers) and operating across 36...
“Be more equipped to translate what you know about insurance to technical people who may not have your background, that’s just going to improve your product”, says Katy.   Katy shares her journey of growing up with parents working in the risk management and insurance space, her initial aspirations to be a vet, to executing...

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“So refreshing to hear some new ideas, put across in a wonderfully fresh and accessible way”
“For people in the world of insurance, at any level, it’s a great listen”
“Excellent – really incisive and informative interviews”

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