Search for Opportunity – with Charlotte Lach, Head of Global Multinational Strategy & Change at AIG

Joining us for our final episode of Season One, we have Charlotte Lach, a rising star of the insurance industry and Head of Global Multinational Strategy & Change at AIG.

Charlotte shares with us how she has quickly risen from an underwriting role into a strategic position and advises of the benefits of a technical grounding when moving into operational and strategic functions.

She reminds us that the start of the day is the one time where we can have 100% control of our time, so it is up to us to make the very best use of it whether that is through exercise or personal development.

Charlotte passionately believes in the importance of insurance qualifications from a professional standards perspective and reminds us that those qualifications add value which will be with us for the entirety of our careers, whether we change team, division or organisation.

Listeners can reach out to Charlotte after the show with any comments or feedback via her LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlottelach/ .

This episode rounds of the end of Season One, but do not despair as we will shortly be launching Season Two where will be interviewing the very best Insurance Business leaders from around the United States…so watch this space and subscribe to the series so you do not miss the first episode!

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