Powering the next generation of insurance businesses with Arun Balakrishnan, CEO, Xceedance

“It’s not a cookie cutter process”, says Arun, the Boston-based CEO & Chairman of Xceedance as he talks about the value proposition the business offers its clients.

Launched in 2013, the business has grown to a team of 2200 spread across its offices in India, North America, Europe and Australia with clients relying on Xceedance to launch new products, drive operations, implement cutting-edge technology, deploy advanced analytics, and achieve process efficiencies.

“We help improve the productivity of underwriters and brokers. It’s a balance between people process and technology.”

Arun believes, “The way data analytics and technology is adopted in to the industry, the lion’s share of that still needs to happen. Existing companies that are able to devote to that or new companies that can make that the backbone of how they operate will be the most successful.”

With 60-70% of the team having an insurance industry background, Xceedance prides itself on having the knowledge of how the industry operates and having people who’ve faced the challenges themselves.

When attracting talent, Xceedance looks for people with a collaborative nature who are willing to be challenged, people who are secure in themselves and the role they have in the organisation. “We don’t like team members creating territories.”

With the abundance of capital and support available, Arun believes, “There’s not a better time than today for insurance executives to think about creating the next generation of carriers or MGAs.”

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