Bold Claims and Digital Foundations – with Aurora Voss, Co-Founder & CEO, Zemble

“Smaller businesses are under the same regulatory and compliance pressures as the big players”, says Aurora, who initially came to Zemble as an investor.

With team members spread across 6 countries, the Sydney-based insurtech works with smaller to mid-market TPAs, MGAs, smaller carriers, re-insurers and satellite businesses around the insurance claims stakeholder network, helping them manage complex post-sales processes like claims, complaints and disputes.

“Any post-sales business unit in insurance is a cost centre. For larger businesses, the big goal is to get efficiencies. For smaller organisations it’s about establishing basic digital foundations. We give them that basic foundational digital capability.”      

Aurora shares how processes like claims and complaints touch many different, very vulnerable stakeholder groups. “There’s a real fear around delivering digital experience because it’s so new. Digital transformation is a muscle you have to build.”

When it comes to the value a high-performer with an insurance background can bring to Zemble, Aurora highlights the importance of customer empathy and the ability to help navigate a complex, old, highly regulated industry. 

She also emphasises the significance of curiosity, patience and discipline when being part of an early-stage venture. For those wishing to transition their career in to an insurtech, Aurora encourages us to arm ourselves with knowledge. 

“Reach out. Build trusting relationships. You’ll have a clear understanding of how you can contribute.”

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