Be a Good Example to Others – With Keith Mann, CFO & COO at Scott Insurance

Season Two – Episode Fourteen

We are delighted to host Keith Mann, COO & CFO of Scott Insurance on this weeks’ episode of the Insurance Coffee House USA.

Scott Insurance are a large independent agency headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia with multiple offices across the state and in Tennessee and North & South Carolina.

Keith shares with us his story of his career, before going on to discussing the rewards and opportunities an ESOP business provides.

Keith has spent most of his career in FC and CFO positions in construction and manufacturing, so he had a strong understanding of the buyer’s journey being a corporate purchaser of insurance himself.

Scott Insurance have a very strong culture of serving others first, continuous improvement, ownership, teamwork and trust and it these values that connected with Keith and attracted him to the firm.

He has not looked back since joining Scott and would encourage other colleagues from outside the insurance industry to explore and find out about the great benefits our industry has to offer.

One of the secrets to Scott’s success is their ESOP ownership scheme, allowing employees to have an ownership stake in the business from the start and wealth building opportunity this provides. It also brings a strong culture of togetherness across the firm as new clients and “big wins” are celebrated across the firm as they all have a vested interest.

His final call to action is inspiring each of us to be the change in our organisations, be the change in our communities and be a good example to others… what better way to round off the show!

Keith encourages listeners to reach out to him after the show with any comments or questions. You can do this via his LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithlmann/  or through Scott’s website https://www.scottins.com/ .

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