Coffee House Catch Up: ‘Humanising the digital experience’ with Bill Conners (CEO) and Woody Klemmer (Head of Growth), ForMotiv

“You can’t de-risk every decision that you make beforehand. We’re always making decisions saying, ‘We know 20% of the information, but it gets us 80% of the way there, so let’s go that route’” says Bill.

Launched in 2018, ForMotiv operates in the behavioural intelligence space, collecting users’ digital behaviour to help insurance carriers drive a better user experience in real time.

“The more data we capture, the more expertise we glean, the more it enhances our products and drives value for our clients”, says Bill.

CEO, Bill and Head of Growth, Woody Klemmer discuss how new dimensions of data and real-time insights are benefitting clients.

With Covid having accelerated many business’ roadmaps from 5 years to 18 months, ForMotiv is making the digital experience more human. “Whoever can understand user intent will survive”, says Woody.

With 40% of the team coming from an insurance background, the team offers swift upward mobility for resilient and consistent new hires. “It’s fun and fast-paced. A company that’s looking to double and double again isn’t for everyone.”

With ambitions to expand in to the UK, Europe and across the globe, the team is looking to build out its platform and expertise.

“We’re trying to find doers, people who’ve made decisions and taken risks”, explains Bill.

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This episode of the Insurance Coffee House Podcast was first published on 13 November 2021

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