Coffee House Catch Up: ‘Learning for one, applying to many’ – with Bob Pick, EVP & CIO, Tokio Marine NAS; Deputy Group CITO, Tokio Marine Group

“Every industry has its own myopia and we think, you couldn’t possibly bring something from media or manufacturing into insurance”, says Bob as he shares his transition from media in to insurance.

“As a technologist, running a whole career in insurance is extremely valuable but so is someone who brings insights from other industries that are frankly often highly applicable to insurance.”

Bob discusses setting up shared services operations at Tokio Marine North America Services to provide pooled professional services – accounting & finance, actuarial, legal, internal audit and technology – primarily supporting Tokio Marine America, First Insurance Company of Hawaii and Philadelphia Insurance.

“The only reason we’re here is to support our carriers. Each of our group companies has different needs. They’re at different moments in their system lifecycle, operational change and transformation.”

Bob shares his thoughts on the future of insurance both through a technology lens and on the sector holistically, emphasising that, “Any insurtechs we adopt, we have to stitch in to an already complex environment. Sometimes you can plug it in, often it’s not that simple.” 

He talks about the personality traits that fit Tokio Marine and the diversity of opportunity for those with an insurance background and those from outside of the sector.

“The more we speak insurance, the more it draws our business colleagues in to speaking tech. If everyone’s speaking a little insurance and a little tech, we’re all speaking the same language.”

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This episode of the Insurance Coffee House Podcast was first published on 29 March 2022

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