Selling our value proposition outside of the tried & true – with Caryn Angelson, CHRO & Chief Legal Officer, Tokio Marine North America Services

“We should definitely be expanding and looking critically at where we’re attracting talent from”, says Caryn.

“But we also need to be extremely deliberate, thoughtful and intentional in terms of our talent development opportunities.”

Caryn shares her transition from law to joining Tokio Marine’s relatively small U.S. operation back in 2001.

“In many respects, the size [in 2001] was a great training ground for me because it was part of such a larger global entity.”

Caryn discusses how hybrid working models allow her to balance her roles of CHRO & Chief Legal Officer at TMNA Services and Global Deputy Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Tokio Marine Group.

“It’s not that there are more hours in the day but fewer hours commuting that can be spent to greater purposes.”

Highlighting how the philosophy and structure of Tokio Marine Group is impacting diversity and inclusion around the globe, Caryn says,

“Everyone understands what our mission and vision is with respect to diversity and inclusion. We then ask them to take those principles and tell us how in their cultural context, they are going to move the ball forward. An area of particular focus in one country or company for diversity and inclusion efforts may not make a lot of sense in another.”

Caryn discusses changing the current insurance talent profile, addressing unconscious biases and the importance of sincerity at levels of the organization.

She shares her advice for other HR leaders looking to hire exceptional talent.

“We have had a habit in the insurance industry of going to our tried and true sources. We need to sell our value proposition to folks both in university, recent graduates and those who maybe mid-level in their career, but not loving what they’re doing.”

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