S4 EP30: Next-gen investment and partnership with purpose – with Claire Eeles, Chief People Officer, Mosaic Insurance

“Development has been a hot topic for us. We’ve launched our first programme for our more junior members of the team. A series of learning sessions about Mosaic, about Lloyds, about the marketplace, about the insurance industry in general”, says Claire.  

“The beauty of being part of an organisation with great growth plans is that we want to make sure that our younger members of the team can grow with us and that there are opportunities for them.”

Claire shares her career trajectory – from 10 years with Accenture in to the insurance industry. She gives insight in to her HR and people leadership roles with some of the best-known insurance brands – WTW and Gallagher – and the opportunity to drive the culture and people agenda at Mosaic Insurance.

Launched in 2021, Mosaic is a global speciality insurer, headquartered in Bermuda operating from Lloyd’s of London with hubs in the US, Canada, Germany, UAE and Singapore.

“We’re looking to hit the $500 million worth of gross written premium this year. It’s a real accelerated growth story from a standing start during a very difficult time.”

Claire highlights the bold, entrepreneurial culture that has driven the growth.

“It’s an easy thing to say, but our culture is a critical part of our model and our growth story. Our co-CEOs recently said that Mosaic doesn’t have a culture. It is a culture.”

“We write proprietary business. Our model means that we are underwriters for underwriters. When clients and partners are trusting you to deploy their capital in that way, it’s very important that they trust the expertise and the partnership they have with us and our people.”

Claire goes on to explain the ownership model, where all colleagues receive an equity stake in the business.

“It leads to an alignment of everyone’s interest and purpose.”

Claire emphasizes the three core values of being bold, working together and having fun.

“It’s incredibly important that they can see what the Mosaic culture is, what a Mosaic person is and our three core values shine through every day. If you’re looking for a structured 9 to 5 day, Mosaic is not the place for you. It’s a very empowering place. We aspire to be very entrepreneurial. We want to identify ourselves in a unique way.”

Claire gives her advice to senior insurance leaders coming for interview

“Do your homework and understand our model. Really Understand what we’re trying to be and how we are intending to be different, the growth plans we have. This is a roll your sleeves up kind of organisation.”

She shares her thought on how insurance industry people leaders can attract high-performers in to their respective organisations and discusses her mantra of ‘attitude over aptitude’.

As for two key lessons her career journey has taught her, Claire says

“When something doesn’t go your way and you’re angry and we want to have a bit of a rant, write it and save it. Come back and reread it or even sleep on it. Then either send it or reword it. I would bet that often you’ll just delete it. My second is, ‘it’s good to talk’. Sometimes it’s so much easier and much more efficient to get things done by just tapping someone on a shoulder or calling them up.”

In conclusion, Claire urges us to embrace change.

“Life, careers and organisations, they’re not a straight line. If you embrace change and take risk, then you can reap rewards. There can be some exciting outcomes. Be brave and be bold to coin some phrases from Mosaic.”

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