S4 EP18: Finding diamonds in the rough and growing their own – with Danielle Spaulding, Chief of Staff, ONEGROUP Risk Management & Insurance

“We usually start off with a base job description, and then we have conversations with people, it’s really important that we grow our own”, says Danielle.

ONEGROUP’s Chief of Staff charts her career journey from hospitality in to insurance and overseeing the business’ marketing, communications, IT and agency operations.

Danielle highlights the growth trajectory the company is on throughout the North East as well as South Carolina and Florida. 

She talks through ONEGROUP’s strategic M&A plans, overcoming growing pains and emphasizes the importance of maintaining culture.

“We’ve always been not only a client focused organisation, but also an employee focused organisation. We really everybody to have the opportunity to grow, no matter what seat they’re in.”

She discusses how leadership engage and consult the entire team in shaping and delivering the 5 pillars of the ONEGROUP Way.

Danielle also emphasizes the open door, supportive leadership style and what those coming in for interview can expect.  

“Pierre (CEO) and Chris (President) both wander the floor and are willing to sit down and have a snack with somebody. They’re no different in an interview. They really want to make you feel welcome so that you can have a real conversation.”

Danielle shares the one lesson her job has taught her that she thinks everyone should know.

“Don’t put yourself in a box. You’ve got to love your journey. It’s yours to own.”

Concluding with her advice for industry HR executives, she says, “Be open-minded. The resume never represents what a true person is. That person you’ve got a good feeling about, sometimes you find a diamond in the rough.”

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