Be curious and move fast with Elena Gonzalez-Blanco Garcia, GM Europe, CoverWallet

“Europe is very different to the U.S. Different languages, cultures, regulations, customer behaviour”, says Elena as she describes the challenges and opportunities of growing CoverWallet across such a diverse geopolitical area.  

Launched in New York in 2015, and subsequently acquired by AON, CoverWallet is a tech platform that is transforming the way small businesses understand, manage and buy their insurance. The platform provides simplicity, convenience and transparency to business owners on a subject that has traditionally not been easy to understand.

Elena encourages anyone seeking a move in to the word of Insurtech to be curious, open to learn and not to be afraid of technology, she also shares her thoughts on the future of the insurance market.

“The assets of the biggest companies in the world is data. We need to insure things like IP, reputation, cyber risks. These are all new for the insurance market.”

Find out more about opportunities at CoverWallet – both in the United States and Europe 

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