Always set the bar higher than you think with Erik Matson, Chairman & CEO, Transverse Insurance Group

“Search out those things that you may or may not want to do. Take advantage of the learning,” says Erik.

The seasoned entrepreneur shares his career journey through some of the biggest brands in the industry to the entrepreneurial bent that led him to founding Transverse Insurance Group.

Erik discusses what Transverse has achieved over the past 3 years and its value proposition in the marketplace, as well as what he learned from breaking in to his first C-suite role at AIG. “You’re not there for a popularity contest. There’s no simple playbook. It makes you concentrate on what you need to do.”

He talks through his biggest achievements, being overlooked and the role technology is playing in the growth of Transverse.

Having fallen in to the industry himself, one of Erik’s biggest passions is attracting young talent to the sector and he gives an overview of the Internship Programme at Transverse.

He encourages execs to be nimble, “We’re being thrust in to the unknown”, and advises those looking for their next move to, “Think about who you are and what you want to do. Always set the bar higher than you think, whether it’s your personal or business life.”

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