From Corporate Law to M&A Underwriting – With Rowan Bamford, President of Liberty Global Transaction Solutions

Season One, Episode 18 – Bonus Episode

Rowan Bamford, President of Liberty’s Global Transaction Solutions division joins us for a special bonus episode of the Insurance Coffee House.

Liberty GTS is a global insurance carrier specialising in underwriting policies for international M&A transactions and have teams based across North America, APAC, EMEA and London.

Rowan discusses his career transition from being a private practice Corporate Lawyer to M&A Underwriter and explains the many benefits of leaving the legal profession for the insurance world.

Rowan swapped a life of working through the night, targets based on time recordings and a long, slow career path to senior leadership, for a career based on meritocracy, relationships and a fast road to success based on performance and personal responsibility for your own career.

Like many M&A Underwriters, Rowan is a big advocate of moving from private practice into corporate insurance which matches the upside of exposure to intellectually challenging work for international clientele with opportunity to travel, whilst also benefitting from better hours, more responsibility, faster career progression and having similar earning potential to Private Practice.

Liberty GTS embrace a culture of sacrificing one’s ego to benefit the team and Rowan encourages loyal dissent to get the very best ideas from all levels of experience within the team…it’s that meritocracy again!   

Listeners can also hear how Rowan dealt with the challenge of losing his North American team around the Ironshore / Liberty merger and the steps that he took to rebuild the team and come back stronger.

A major factor in Liberty GTS’ success lies in its strict hiring process, ensuring new recruits meet intellectual, academic and corporate knowledge requirements and have the personality that would be a good cultural fit for the firm.

Rowan encourages listeners to reach out to him after the show with any comments or questions about the business or careers in M&A Underwriting. You can find his email and phone number on the GTS contact details page as follows… https://www.libertygts.com/our-team-1/

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