Promoting the Insurance Brand to Attract Greater Talent – With Julie Wood, Southeast Zonal Leader at Marsh

Season Two – Episode Twenty Four

Joining us for the second episode we have with Marsh this week, we are delighted to have Julie Wood, Southeast Zonal Leader for Marsh and McLennan Companies.

Julie heads up this large region for the Marsh corporate business and discusses with us her keys to leadership and career progression at a large global practice leader.

She shares with us a story of how she landed a new role by meeting a hiring executive at an airport when she was pregnant and successfully pitched her business plan to him… a great example of owning your own career development!

Julie is a dynamic leader and actively encourages talent from outside of the industry to join her team at Marsh, which builds a more diverse workforce and secures the best people for the role and not just the best people in the market.

Julie is happy for any listeners to reach out to her after the show with any comments or questions you may have and you can do this via her LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-wood-5bb29230/ or preferably via email at julie.wood@marsh.com .

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