Professional rebels building a person-centric business – with Hedi Mardisoo, CEO & Co-Founder, Cachet

“Person-centricity and customer-centricity are not the same”, says Hedi.

With a background in banking and I.T, Hedi talks about her passion for data and her journey to co-founding Cachet and building an ecosystem of services to enable the platform economy.

“Gig workers work very differently. None of them have 100% the same work pattern. It’s important to write the right risks.”  

Cachet, who currently offer professional liability insurance, car insurance and micro-mobility insurance, work as a third-party distribution channel but play a big role in determining pricing.

“For our underwriting partners, we provide deeper insights in to the risk.”

With digital experience already the norm, Hedi shares her thoughts on the future of the industry and distinguishes between person-centricity and customer-centricity.

When it comes to recruiting, Hedi says that the business is looking for professional rebels.

“We’re very rebellious. We need professional, driven people that have kept themselves informed with changes in technology and innovation, people that can be strategic but that get things done.”

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