Inspiring the Next Generation – With Megan Miller, Executive Director at Spencer Educational Foundation

Season Two – Episode Seventeen

Joining us in the Insurance Coffee House USA for the second episode this week, we have Megan Miller who is the Executive Director at Spencer Educational Foundation.

Spencer are a non-profit organisation who provide scholarship funding to college students seeking a career in Insurance and Risk Management.

Megan started her career in claims and worked her way up into several management positions within the industry before combining her love for insurance and charitable fundraising to become the Executive Director at Spencer Educational Foundation.

She is passionate about educating school children and young adults about the benefits of a career in the insurance industry and through the foundation they are helping students from a wide and diverse background achieve that ambition.

The foundation raises funds to provide over 100 scholarships to students for their college education as well as providing funding for internships and attendance at insurance conferences.

This work is a vital tool in solving two major issues that face our industry; namely, succession planning and diversity & inclusion.

If you are an insurance business who would like more information on how you can donate or fund scholarships or perhaps you are an individual who would like to give back to the industry and help with fundraising, please reach out to Spencer via their website https://www.spencered.org/ or contact Megan directly at mmiller@spencered.org .

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