S4 EP20: Treating people like adults & having lofty goals – with Janine Tracy, Principal / Chief People Officer, HNI Risk Services

“We are in professional services. We’re going to treat people like adults and with that is individual responsibility with freedom”, says Janine

“It’s giving them the ability to do what they do best without all the other stuff that gets in the way. It’s refreshing, it attracts people.”

Janine charts her career journey from HR Administrator and the different view of HR at HNI that led her to joining the business as Director of People in 2014.

Janine gives insight in to HNI becoming an agency partner of Acrisure and the HR advisory services she now offers clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

“Not only do I do HR for the employees, but I get to do advisory for our clients. I love being able to come in as that neutral party and just hear the facts and help them work through that.”

She discusses HNI’s lofty goals, aiming for double digit growth and their approach to unlimited PTO.

“You’re going to know how much time you need to take off because your job is to take care of the client, take care of the team and take care of yourself. Get those all in order and take the time that you need.”

She shares her advice for fellow people leaders, emphasizing how important it is to show your company’s culture from the first interaction.

“Be very transparent, communicate along the way. We have to put ourselves in an individual’s shoes because that will attract the people that you’re trying to find.

Janine describes the traits HNI look for when hiring and advises leaders coming for interview to ask the deep questions.

“I’m surprised at how many at a leadership level come to interview and don’t ask the deep questions. Every company has skeletons. I would rather be completely open and honest with the candidate, than start off on the wrong foot.”

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