Generating lead transparency – with Jeff Shi, CEO & Co-Founder, Quotehound

“We allow the data to tell the story”, says Jeff, who charts his journey from joining the insurance industry in 2011, co-founding Quantum Assurance to leading the growth of Quotehound, an aggregated lead generation exchange.

“Our biggest enemy is time”, explains Jeff as he outlines the rationale behind Quotehound and the benefits on offer to both carriers and agencies. “We’re very transparent, we sell leads from other vendors. Through the portal, you can buy what you need.”

With a current team of 11, Jeff shares the business’ ambitious growth plans as well as the challenge of finding the right people to scale quickly.

“If you’re a talented person, the world is fine right now. Our goal is to grow by 200 people in the next 12 months, 60% sales and 40% tech.”

Jeff emphasises the importance of trusting people to do their job in the midst of such growth. “Hiring the right character and reminding people of the mission. You win or lose in the hire.”

He concludes with sharing why he believes the best founders of insurtechs come from the insurance industry.

“They understand what’s broken. At the end of the day you have to make an insurance product that solves insurance problems.”

Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn, email jeff@quotehound.com or find out more about opportunities at Quotehound.

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