Remote onboarding and empowering consumers with Jessica Scelzi, CCO, The Zebra

“It’s much easier doing it in person, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do remotely.”

Jessica describes the tools and creative ways in which the Austin, Texas-based business has grown its team by 200 since the start of the pandemic, becoming the largest insurance comparison platform in the U.S.

With a primary focus on auto insurance and with all the major P&C players on the platform, the Zebra’s ultimate goal is to be a one-stop shop for all insurance needs.    

“We want to empower consumers, help them understand what they’re buying”, says Jessica. “It’s not just about aggregating a list of results. Over and above a price, it’s what additional value a carrier can provide.”

With a recent series D funding raise of $150m and a valuation of $1bn, the team continues to look for individuals who can collaborate and influence, move quickly and embrace innovation.

Whilst an insurance background is essential for senior roles, what’s often lacking is the ability to build a strategy for a large team that centres around the user experience as well as familiarity with the tools that tech companies use.

“We don’t use stale documents, learn how to use Slack and the Google Suite. Speak the language, know the players and have an open mind.”

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