Building a SaaS from your insurance roots – with Katy Rose, CEO, PINS

“Be more equipped to translate what you know about insurance to technical people who may not have your background, that’s just going to improve your product”, says Katy.  

Katy shares her journey of growing up with parents working in the risk management and insurance space, her initial aspirations to be a vet, to executing her father’s vision for PINS.

San Diego-based PINS is a SaaS that serves municipalities, airports, construction contractors and large sub-contractors, requesting insurance documentation from the 3rd parties they interact with.

“LAX use our software. There’s so much activity going on – vendors, limo drivers. As an entity, LAX is so exposed. If one of those vendors does something rogue, even if by accident and there’s a big impact to a passenger, that passenger is going to take up their issue first and foremost with the airport.”

Helping clients reduce gross claims, PINS transfers the risk back to the vendor and provides a simple instruction manual around the insurance process. Vendors know exactly what information they’re required to provide and when.

Katy discusses the challenges she’s encountered in building the business, growth plans and the culture she is seeking to build.

In building the team, Katy highlights the value of in-office interactions.

“There’s a lot of knowledge that you can gain just through osmosis. You learn because you’re in the room. I like that in person aspect, but it’s not a requirement.

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