Imagining a new response to Cyber Risk – with Madhu Tadikonda, President, Corvus Insurance

“It’s a watershed moment for the industry. If we don’t respond, we’ll lose relevancy”, says Madhu.

The philosophy major and former management consultant and venture capitalist talks about his rise through the ranks at AIG and his journey to joining Corvus, a cyber insurance insurtech protecting policyholders’ digital operations and digital assets.

“I like the feel of a small group of people going after a big problem”, as Madhu explains how Corvus assesses the network topography and weak points of a client’s business, offering direct and continuous engagement with policyholders.

“We look at the company the way an attacker, malware or ransomware actor would.”

Madhu shares his thoughts on the future of insurance, emerging risk threats and the personalities he looks for when recruiting.

“When talking to candidates, I ask what are the things they’ve tried that didn’t work”, as he explains the importance of being comfortable with ambiguity and having an experimentation mindset.

“The risks, the approaches and the way policyholders are engaging is all changing. Imagination and new thinking will drive different outcomes.”

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