Using Data to Create Meaningful Impact – With Maureen Gallagher, Agency President at AssuredPartners

Season Two – Episode Twenty One

Joining us this week in the Insurance Coffee House USA we have Maureen Gallagher. Maureen is the Michigan President and lead for the National Real Estate and Workers Compensation National Practices at AssuredPartners who are the 5th largest P&C broker in the USA.

Maureen gives us a great insight into her personal career development, which has involved leading two start-ups, being catapulted into the CEO position of a mid-sized insurance agency and most recently partnering her agency with AssuredPartners.

Her agency was the first acquisition for the business which at the time had revenues of $80m and has since gone on to grow dramatically to a company generating more than $1billion per year.

Maureen wears a variety of hats in the business and manages to balance her time across the divisions and businesses that she leads. These multiple leadership opportunities have come from her entrepreneurial instinct to come up with ideas and then crucially delivering on those projects which have now become a significant part of the business.

Impact analytics have been a big area that Maureen has pushed in order to serve and help her clients with their risk management needs and she feels that these tools have provided their producers with a competitive advantage when speaking to clients and new prospects.

Finally, Maureen encourages insurance professionals to love what they do and this is certainly something we should all remember to do as we progress through our career.

Listeners can reach out to Maureen after the show via her LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/maureen-gallagher-3169102/ although we are mindful of her inbox filling up, so please also feel free to pass on any notes through us at the Insurance Coffee House.

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