Insurance M&A Market: tips for buyers and sellers – with Natalie Ord and Peter Vanderwelde, RSM

“If you’re going to bring two businesses together, you’ll want to bring out the efficiencies on day one”

On the show this week, Natalie Ord and Peter Vanderwelde from our insurtech series sponsors, RSM, give insight in to current M&A activity within the insurance sector, resilience within the market as well as key tips for buyers and sellers both before and during the transaction.

“Acquisitions are not without risk. It can be an expensive way to grow a business”, says Natalie. “Unless the integration is done well, a lot of the value can be lost, rather than built.”

They discuss the importance of a genuine meeting of minds for all parties, cultural fit and the key infrastructure that needs to be in place.

“There’s no point in doing a transaction unless 1+1 is something more than 2”, says Peter.

Natalie discusses common pitfalls for sellers, urging them to have early conversations with advisors, someone who really knows the numbers and to resist the urge of overhyping the business.

“You can always release good news further in to the process, you don’t want to be rowing back from your numbers the second a buyer is interested.”

As well as sharing steps to enhance a business’s valuation and the perception of value, Natalie and Peter talk about the best time to start the process, building profile and not being frightened to say no. 

“Getting on the radar of your competitors or potential buyers is a great way to initiate interest.”

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