Matchmaking, digitisation and staying curious – with Rodrigo Garcia de la Cruz, CEO & Founder, Finnovating

“You have to employ part of your week to build connections, digitally or physically”, says Rodrigo.

With the tsunami of technology impacting the financial services sector in 2012, Rodrigo used his banking and tech background to establish networks and ecosystems to connect investors, start-ups and corporates.

“To start with, it was more about connecting people in person. With the pandemic, we realised that the physical ecosystems needed to change. It’s very, very difficult to scale businesses physically.”

Before launching the global platform, Rodrigo set about identifying all the fintech and insurtech solutions worldwide. Finnovating now has 10,000 active companies from 150 countries, providing a matchmaking service to start-ups, scale-ups, investors and corporates.  

Rodrigo outlines the benefits on offer and gives his thoughts on the future of the insurance space, highlighting new products, models of distribution and solutions.

He emphasises the value insurance knowledge brings and the personalities best suited to a platform like Finnovating, stressing the importance of a global outlook, ambition, agility and humility. 

Rodrigo underlines the lacking digital skills when recruiting from the insurance industry and urges us to be curious around new tech, trends and business models.

“It’s important to be able to change and transform yourself to the new digital world of opportunities.”  

Connect with Rodrigo on LinkedIn, email rodrigo.garciadelacruz@finnovating.com or find out more about Finnovating  

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