Building your RQ and value proposition – with Rohit Verma, CEO, Crawford & Company

“It’s not just your IQ. It’s also about your EQ (emotional quotient) and RQ (relationship quotient)”, says Rohit, as he encourages us to build our networks in the market place.

The former computer engineer talks about his journey in to the insurance industry, breaking in to the c-suite at Zurich and his journey to CEO of Crawford, the world’s largest claims management business

“I’ve taken every leadership challenge as a way to transform”, says Rohit as he talks about his biggest successes and how he reacted to being overlooked, citing that his connectivity in the market wasn’t there.

Rohit shares his thoughts on technology, decluttering the most aggravating processes and how Crawford are building partnerships with best-in-class insurtech providers.

In response to the “tsunami of retirements coming our way across the sector”, Rohit discusses talent attraction, mindset and the key skills he looks for when recruiting. 

“Empathy is extremely important. We’re in the business of claims. When people call us, we’re talking to them on one of the worst days of their lives. They’re not just a policyholder.”  

As closing advice Rohit inspires us to build our networks and clarify our value proposition.

“Do great work! You don’t have to be pompous about it, but make sure the right people are aware.”

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