Entrepreneurial flair in a different gear – with Ruth Haller, Co-Founder & CEO, Anapi

“At a start-up, you can’t afford delays, you have to pivot faster”, says Ruth as she shares the journey from her 10-year corporate insurance career to launching a bakery business with a friend, before starting-up Anapi, a tech-enabled insurance intermediary for start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Frustrated with not being on the frontline at Zurich, Ruth put her MBA in to practice by diving in to the world of cookies in Hong Kong. Relocating to Singapore, she joined the Anapi team as a co-founder and took over as CEO in September 2021.

“The bakery business was a good transition to Anapi,” says Ruth, explaining the transition from an internally focussed corporate role to wearing multiple hats at a start-up.

Ruth talks about the work Anapi is doing to help smaller businesses access insurance faster and manage it in a much more digital manner, as well as how the business has pivoted from its early days of trying to use big data to help companies manage their risks themselves.

Discussing the key benefits for insurers, end clients and multiple policy holders, Ruth gives her views on the future of the insurance market, the personalities best suited to Anapi and her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Don’t do it alone. Find someone who can complement your skills.”

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