Entrepreneurial leadership and development with Sean Conrad, Principal, EPIC Insurance Brokers

“It’s been a tremendous place to explore my own curiosity about business, to work with people and build something really unique.”

As an aspiring lawyer, Sean fell in to the insurance industry with a claims role. Warmly embraced by the leadership team, Sean’s passion for the industry grew as he was entrusted to build his team and handle complex problems and negotiations.

Joining the EPIC team in 2017, Sean talks about how he was recognised as having a strong capability to align people around an idea.

“I was tasked with building a young, smart, aggressive claims team and recruiting new talent to the industry. A role was created to do those two things. There was no roadmap.”

Sean shares how he’s dealt with adversity and being overlooked and says, “There’s always a context that we don’t understand in the present moment.

You can be so focussed on what it is you want to achieve or accomplish, that you may not understand some of the other forces at play.”

Explaining EPIC’s approach to adopting tech, Sean gives his thoughts on the future of the industry, the characteristics that make EPIC such a great place to work and the opportunities on offer for high performing talent.

“It’s an entrepreneurial place. We’re not done yet. We look for collaborative, communicative and tenacious people.”

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