Coffee House Catch Up: ‘Active risk mitigation, sweeping the floors and being honest with yourself’ – with Shawn Ram, Head of Insurance, Coalition

“We have this mantra inside our company, which is ‘We’re 1% there’”, says Shawn Ram.  “And because our vision continues to expand, we never get 2% there. It breeds a different level of commitment, diligence and vigour.”

Coalition’s Head of Insurance shares his journey to joining the founding team of the San Francisco-based cyber insurtech and the company’s continued drive towards expansion around the globe.  

He discusses Coalition’s approach to data collection and assessing policyholders’ vulnerabilities.   

“We track how often there’s vulnerabilities in software, what technology isn’t patched appropriately, any lookalike domains or any compromise. It’s the same view generally that an adversary would have.”

Shawn gives an insight in to Coalition’s ‘remote-first’ culture, maintaining values as company scales and the opportunities for high-performing talent.

“We desire to remain humble, we sweep the floors, we’re authentic”, says Shawn.  “When you build a new operation where the individuals that are being hired in country have no background, no experience with the Coalition culture, it’s critical that you get that right.”

He concludes by emphasizing the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.   

“Evaluate the mission, evaluate the vision, evaluate the people. And be honest with yourself.”

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This episode of the Insurance Coffee House Podcast was first published on 27 September 2022

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